ltlv's balcony

If you have come to La Tienda, you know what we are talking about

La Tienda de La Vecina is not only a space where we bring together more than 150 small and entrepreneurial brands from all over Spain: it is also a place to walk, discover, chat... and end the visit by looking out on the balcony.

A balcony rescued from a street chirigota, "Los del Bajo D", which is going to screw them if he sings to them below, hence not only the reproduction of a balcony by Cadi Cadi but the details of the beers, the paper...

A balcony that we continue to give life to, because we are a part of carnival and a part of Cádiz.

Are you coming?

Our balcony is a corner of fun, of connection with the neighborhood, with our most human and close part. When you come to the store we encourage you to look out and tell you that it is one of the most beautiful things that we experienced in our store.

Come visit us

Put on the maps and run to the physical store to take your photo on the balcony.