Answers to doubts, if you have other doubts, send us an email :)

Here we will try to resolve doubts, things that arise and various things.
If something is not here you can always write to us at and we will do what we can.


Think carefully before buying

What we always say in the store is that you buy wisely and think carefully about your purchase.

Make sure that what you buy you want or someone you give it to will want and above all that the size you choose from the fashion part is the one that fits you.
For that you have all the very well explained size guides.

Returning an item involves many costs and is also unsustainable. :)

Do you make returns?

In the store we do not believe in purchasing and returning but rather in purchasing with common sense, unless it involves changing sizes.

So we only make changes in the fashion part if it is for another size, sharing expenses, you pay the return shipping and we pay for the new garment.

We will make returns in the event that the product arrives with any damage. If so, returns will only be accepted within the first 24 hours of receiving your order by sending us an email to with a photo of what happened to you.

In any case, if something concrete or specific has happened to you, you can always send us an email to with your order number and we will try to find a solution.

Remember that if someone doesn't like what you give them, you can keep it yourself or give it to someone else, which is very cool. :)

I want a product that is out of stock!

We have very few units of some products since everything is produced on a small scale. In any case, you can press the tab so we can notify you when it arrives.

If you need something very urgent you can send us an email to and we will see what we can do.


Do you ship to all neighborhoods?

Now to start we only ship to the peninsula, we are looking at how to reach neighborhoods in the Balearic and Canary Islands and also to other countries.

But for now that's what we can do! :)

In how much time will my request be delivered?

It depends on how much hurry you are in, here we always try to buy with patience and without rushing. But we also know that there are many people who leave gifts at the last minute, so you can choose these options:

- Slow shipping 48-72 hours to your home.

- Urgent 24-48 hours to your house.

And if you order it before 2:00 p.m. it is almost super certain that they will come out that same day. If it is later, we cannot guarantee it.

*On specific dates like Christmas or busy times it can sometimes take a little longer, because people go crazy. Please be patient!

Remember that if you are from C谩diz you can always select the PICK UP IN STORE option and we will know you when you come to pick up your order. :)

As the shipping cost?

There is no free shipping here if you buy a jart谩. Sorry not sorry.

Because all the prices are already very fair and the shipping companies continue to charge you for each shipment.

Many people raise the prices of their products so they can make them free, but we don't do that here. We are more than 100% sincere and we do not want to encourage a type of consumption that does not fit our philosophy.

And this is what it costs us:

- Slow shipping 48-72h: 鈧3.90

- Urgent 24-48h: 鈧6


If I want to return something, what do I do?

We only accept online returns in the event that it is a change in size or some very specific cause that has happened to you.

Returns are a big hassle just as we work with small brands, which is why we always encourage you to buy sensibly and knowing very well what you are buying.

In any case, if something specific has happened to you, write to us and we will find the solution to

I want to change the size of a product, help me!

If suddenly your shirt arrives (despite looking at the size guide ahem ahem) it doesn't fit as you expected, don't worry, we know it can happen.

You have 15 days from receiving your order to change the size.

We will change your size for free, you just have to send us the order number specifying the size you want to change it for to and we will inform you of the next steps.

What if I have doubts?

Write an email to with your order number so we know what it's about... and tell us what you want to help you!


Why buy from this store?

When you buy in our store you are buying and supporting entrepreneurial people, people who pay their taxes here, people who contribute to a sustainable and supportive local economy.

Besides, you help us because this movement has a lot of work to do and thanks to buying from us we will continue to work hard and support more brands.

And because you also get something very exclusive and beautiful and made with a lot of love!

Why are there things that are not in the online store but are in the physical store?

The objective of what we do is always for you to come to the physical store, to chat with us, to experience firsthand what it is like to touch the products, see them and tell you their story. Apart from all this, there are products that we have in very few units or products that we do not trust sending online because they are delicate. So many things you can only find in the physical store.

Why is it better to buy here than on Shein or Aliexpress?

Our philosophy is to support artisan projects, from people who design here, who produce sustainably and with local suppliers.

Think that where the money moves is what will ultimately affect you. These types of companies do not pay taxes in our country, and taxes are what pay for your healthcare, your education and the general well-being of cities and people.

Apart from the fact that companies like Shein or Aliexpress exploit their workers, they manufacture everything with bad material and on top of that they often copy the designs of entrepreneurial people.

I think these reasons are valid, right?

Are you a small brand and want to sell your things in our store?

In the little store we are always looking for cool brands and projects, on our Instagram you have a link to a form since we ask you questions so you can take part. If we don't answer you, it's because we're going full speed or because something hasn't clicked for you to be part of it, but nothing to do with your job! There are many factors that we take into account. :)