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An agency with a little store

We are a creative agency that helps small brands. And now we have a store!

This story begins with an agency, in which we help small businesses and local brands to communicate like big brands , but without losing their proximity and differential value.

Consumption has changed and is changing, online shopping has now become part of our lives, where big brands invest a lot in advertising and get users to end up buying from them, leaving behind all those artisans and artists who make things incredible and who fight every day for their entrepreneurship and to be visible.

And that is why this store, this neighborhood and everything we build in the neighborhood was born.

"Beautiful and essential store if you are or are going to Cádiz. It is a loss, impossible not to take anything. The service is 10, they are charming and they serve you with great joy and in a personalized way"

Ana Palomeque entered the store one day and never wanted to leave.

This is what moves us

Mu of neighborhood, mu of neighborhood.

The "good morning" from a neighbor, the market that shouts very loudly that there is good fruit, ladies with cars that travel the streets. These are the neighborhoods we want, this is the type of consumption we champion.

In our store we welcome you with a "good morning!", then a little chat, we tell you who is behind each brand, how they do what they do, we take a photo of you on the balcony and we give you gift stickers and if you let Well... a hug!

This is what moves us, this is what we champion.


Many products but very well selected for you.

We do not believe in overproduction or fast things or mass processes.
We research very well how and where what we sell in the store is made.

Everything is produced or designed by enterprising people, everything takes hours and love, affection and dedication.

We spend many hours carefully selecting the products we bring, sometimes there are few or they take a long time to arrive, that's what it is about handmade!

If you are in a hurry, this is not your store. :)

Discover the brands


Santi and Sonia have had a really hard time.

We have been consuming locally and sustainably for more than 10 years, buying little but from brands that are in line with our values. We are lovers of design, of things made with calm and dedication. We know a lot of cool brands and we want that to reach you too. With much love, a manico who is already from Cádiz and a woman from Cádiz who returned home again.

If I were you, I came to the store, it's really cool.

They say our physical store is the Disneyland of artisans, you can put down your cell phone for a bit and come see us, it's even cooler in person.