We prepare your shipments with the same love with which you ordered them.

And every time you make a purchase at La Tienda de La Vecina you are supporting more than 200 cool small brands.

That's why we take care of your shipment, it's our way of thanking the neighborhood for your support.

Keep reading and find out everything... or order what you like most and live the experience!

Wrapped with love and calm

Whether it's a gift for someone you love very much or a self-gift because you deserve it, each package is wrapped with lots of love and decorated with stamped stamps, strings, stickers...


How long has it been since you wrote something with pen and paper? Us in every shipment!

We send you the human treatment of the store in a little note... and you can ask us for something special if it is a gift.

Sustainable and reusable packaging

We feel sorry for the shipping boxes that are later thrown in the trash, even if it is in the yellow one. So we created an envelope that turns into a foil and launches messages.

We tell you who you buy from

It seems super important to us that you know how many small brands you are supporting with your order... although in truth with each purchase you support them all.

And there are always surprises!

If we tell you more it won't be a surprise, but don't miss out on fun stickers, candies and stamps everywhere :)

If you don't come to La Tienda, we'll send it to you!

If you've ordered online, you're far away, otherwise you'd probably stop by to say hello. That's why we don't just send you the little things you order... we send you the good vibes that exist in the store!