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Soy Caletera toiletry bag - White purple stripes

Soy Caletera toiletry bag - White purple stripes

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Características destacadas

Cintia is an artist from Cádiz who sews what she feels.

La Caleta as a way of being.

Handmade in Cádiz.

Being Caletera is in your blood: your binguito, your empanao steak, your cruzcampo fridge...

Being a caletera is born and sometimes it is done.

This toiletry bag has everything you need to go to the beach! Yes, the cream, the sunglasses, the cocoa for the lips and even the snack!

  • *Be careful: the colors may vary from the original color of the photograph and, as it is a one-by-one handmade product, the position of the phrase and the tone of the thread may also vary. Ask us if you have questions.
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