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Carnival Paper Earrings WITHOUT embossing - Chavala x La Vecina

Carnival Paper Earrings WITHOUT embossing - Chavala x La Vecina

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Características destacadas

I collaborate with Chavala and La Vecina for the Cádiz Carnival.

Materials: Polymer clay, Hypoallergenic stainless steel, Resin.

The earring backs are made of stainless steel and are reinforced with UV resin so they will never fall out.

A unique collaboration for the Cádiz Carnival between Chavala and La Vecina with these earrings that have the essence of the Cádiz festival: the papelillos.

The white of the polymer clay is the canvas for the colored papers, which blend into their shapes, giving life and color to the hoop that forms the earring.

This Carnival is not only experienced with the ears, but also with the ears.

*Pre-sale product. We will receive it at beginning of february and we will notify you, so leave your information when purchasing.

**We remind you that due to hygiene issues on earrings we cannot make returns... but you will be amazed so go for it!

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